Which Is the Best Decking Option – Composite Decking or Pressure Treated Decking

There are different types of construction materials available for building a brand-new deck. These are pressure treated wood and composite. Each of this type offers their own set of pros and cons to the user. Considering the features, benefits and limitations of both the materials, will help in making the right decision.

Pressure Treated Wood


Pressure treated lumber has been the most popular choice among people for several years in building of decks. The best part of lumber is that it has powerful abilities to withstand the elements better than any other material. Not just being the most popular decking choice, this material is also highly affordable option.

Another benefit of wood deck is that it can be painted in several different types of colors. On getting a scratch or spot, it can be easily sanded off. If one maintains the wood in the best way, then these decks can even last for forty years.


When it comes to cons, maintenance is the key disadvantage of pressure treated wood. You need to clean it once in a year to get rid of moss, stain, dirt, mold and algae that deposits on it. In addition to this, wood has to be protected using an effective anti-UV treatment. It should be painted each season.

Though pressure treated wood moisture resistant, the water sealant helps in protecting it against discoloration and splintering. Wood is also susceptible to a few other issues that should not be ignored such as splitting, rotting, and damage due to termite.



Composite is a newly introduced material that is made using a combination of softwood fibers, hardwood, and PVC.  This aesthetically pleasing material comes with a twenty-year warranty. It is durable material that does not need much maintenance. Composite do not splinter, rot, fade, wear, warp and crack as fast as wood. You do not need any painting too.


If any spot or scratch appears on the material, then it can’t be removed by sanding. Another big concern is price. Due to several advantages of this material, it is a little bit expensive than wood but long life and low maintenance will compensate it in the future.


This information must have given you an idea of the nature of both these construction materials. Effective evaluation of your needs, house location and the type of construction material results in long lasting and the most durable construction.