Tips On How To Avoid Drunk Driving Temptations

You love to drink when you’re with friends. And because you own a vehicle, you really don’t mind if your drinking sessions with friends end in the wee hours of the morning. You’ve done it before and feel confident that you can drive home even when you alcohol is in your system – but you could be wrong and only time will tell how long you’ll be safe when you’re drunk driving. Countless accidents happen on the road because of drunk driving. This can result in property damages, serious injuries and even death among the parties involves. All of these should be reason enough for you to change your ways.

You might have been used to drinking and then driving afterward. This may have been your routine for years and turning over a new leaf might not come off easily. If this is true to your situation right now, read on below to know the tips on how you can avoid drunk driving temptations:

  1. Leave your car at home: If you have plans of drinking with your friends, leave your car at home. Doing this might be inconvenient for you, but this will save you from the temptation of driving when you’re intoxicated. No car means no DUI (driving under the influence) accidents and lawsuits for you.
  1. Don’t give in to peer pressure: It’s a typical scenario when friends would challenge each other to dares especially when they’re drunk – don’t be a victim. If your friends are asking you to drive even when you’re drunk, don’t do it. You’re putting your safety and life on the line, and bargaining it for a mere dare and peer pressure is never worth the risk. Don’t give in to peer pressure and always think about the possible consequences of your actions.
  1. Know your options to get home: Before you head out with your friends, know your options on how you can get home. Is there a train station near to where you’re going out? Do you know the number of the local cab office? You should have this information planned before your night out starts so you won’t even think of getting near a vehicle. 
  1. Make sure your designated driver is not distracted: Since you’re leaving your car at home, chances are one of your friends will drive you home. If this happens, make sure that the person behind the wheel is sober. If the driver is driving too rowdy, don’t be scared of telling them to be careful. If you’re the passenger, make sure you don’t distract the driver in any way.

  1. Opt to have alternative drinks: Just because you’re hanging out with your friends, doesn’t mean you have to indulge in alcoholic drinks, right? You can always have the option to drink juices instead of beer, or munch on several dishes to keep you occupied. This can be difficult and might take time for you to get used to, but if you’re willing to make a drastic change just to avoid drunk driving temptation, this is the one.

If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident, handling everything by yourself is not the best option. You need to ask for help from people to get through this phase easier, and this time, you need an experienced lawyer like this one here. They will provide you with the best options you can consider for your situation.

In Conclusion

Nobody is telling you that you should completely stop drinking alcohol. If you think this is the best avenue for you to relax and de-stress from work, go ahead and drink some. But being a driver means responsibilities are placed on your shoulders. One wrong move while driving can cost your life and the lives of others. You can stray away from that direction by following the tips presented in this article. Yes, it might be a lot to digest especially if you’ve been used to drinking and driving, but you should make sacrifices just to guarantee your safety at all times.