The Types Of Brain Injuries And What Can You Do To Avoid Suffering From One

You know that suffering from a brain injury is not a simple problem to deal with. Yes, the damages might not be visible at first, but over time, you know that it can adversely affect your overall health. Your organs can be affected, and your personality can also change. Because of these reasons, you’re willing to take every measure available to ensure that you’ll never suffer from brain injuries in your life. To know the types of brain injuries and how can you avoid suffering from one, this article might come in handy for you.

What Are The Types Of Brain Injuries?

There are different types of brain injuries and each of these damages your system and organs in a distinct manner. One type of brain injury might be very severe, and others don’t have any visible symptoms. To be able to create a clearer picture of how diverse the types of brain injuries are, consider the list below:

  1. Anoxic Brain Injury: This type of brain injury deprives your brain of oxygen. And because oxygen is needed in all parts of the body, being deprived of it can even for a minute can already cause severe damage such as irritability, memory loss and loss of speech.
  1. Contusions: These are bruises in the brain which are results of ruptured blood capillaries.
  1. Concussion: This is probably the most common type of brain injury as anyone who falls or had an accident can suffer from concussions.
  1. Infection: When your brain is infected, severe brain dysfunction might occur.

How Can You Avoid Brain Injuries?

Fortunately, there are different ways that you can avoid suffering from brain injuries. And while some of these ways are new or unconventional to you, if you’re really determined to ensure your brain’s health, you should be able to slowly implement these tips below:

  • Always wear appropriate clothing for sports.
  • Do not cycle or skateboard on uneven or unpaved surfaces.
  • Do not play sports when you are ill or tired.
  • Do not use damaged safety gear.
  • Follow all warning signs and fules at water parks and public beaches.
  • Never dive in water that is less than 12 feet deep.
  • Obey all traffic rules and regulations.
  • Wear a seatbelt when you’re inside a vehicle.

But regardless of the precautions you’re doing, you can still suffer from brain injuries when other people intentionally inflict harm on you (such as in medical malpractice and slip and fall accidents). If you’re involved with this kind of situation, it’s best that you work with an attorney who is familiar with brain injury cases.

In Conclusion

You still want to do a lot of things in life – travel in different countries, follow a career path, meet new people and try out different cultures. As early as now, you already have plans for how you can achieve all of that in time. But before you can do that, you should be able to take care of your health first – and keeping your brain free from injuries should be on top of your list. As long as you keep in mind the tips presented in this article, you can guarantee that you’re doing the right things to hopefully prevent any brain injuries in the future and that your brain will continue to work optimally in the years to come!