Tag Your Friends and Family in Your Personal Photos

The photos you take are all about your experience, photos of your family, friends and of the places you have visited. You would want to share those photographs with your close friends and family members for sharing your experience. However, there are some methods for sharing photos. Prior to the digital period, the job of sharing used to be accomplished with printing photos plus positioning them in different photo albums. After that, friends and families used to gather to browse over those albums to view each photograph and have a talk about their experience. There was another way through which sharing was done and that was people used to put printed photos in an envelope to be mailed.

Today, with the advent of the digital era, you can easily share photos instantly and easily. With creative art, you can even add some effects to your photos. Photo sharing permits you to upload your photos online plus share them with your closed ones and you have the liberty to view these photos making use of your laptop, personal computer, and camera phone. However, to begin the process of photo sharing, you are required to decide on the site you are comfortable using. When you have zeroed on the site, you will require transferring your photos from your PC to the website.

Sharing your pics

There are a few steps that you can do to share your photographs with other people. The steps are as follows:

  • Open your computer and open photos.google.com
  • Log in to your Google Account.
  • Set the cursor over a photo before clicking on Select. You can choose other items or can open a movie or an album.
  • Click Share.
  • You can click on “To” and select the people who want to share your photo with.
  • If you wish, you can include a message or a title, and click on “Send”.

Mediums to share your photos

  • Through Instagram – The acceptance of the Instagram for the Android and iPhone has risen steeply. You can select your photo and use Instagram to add retro-style appearance to it. Afterward, you can get connected to Facebook and Twitter and share accordingly.
  • Pin them – Today, Pinterest is gaining huge popularity on the social media sites. Pinterest permits you to develop personal information on countless custom topics. Your friends can like those photos and re-pin them for using them for vacation ideas.
  • Develop a cloud – Nowadays, the new buzz phrase is Cloud computing. If you have been using a digital camera then you can transfer your photos to one cloud account and let your family and friends access them.
  • Blog them – Blogger too is highly helpful in sharing your photos. You can develop a lively view style blog which creates one photo album site. There, with the help of creative art, you can tile photos in a bright and colorful display.

Tumbir too is a good choice for a photoblog. Here, you will discover countless templates for using and they are favorable to photo sharing.