Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting and Its Advantages

If you want to get rid of cracked or sunken concrete then there is a cost effective as well as ecofriendly solution available, which is known as polyurethane foam concrete lifting. It is a technique, which is combination of mud jacking with modern technology. Here in place of using mixture of concrete and mud, it uses high density polyurethane foam, which can expand if void is created beneath the sinking and cracked concrete, so that the level is properly maintained.

It is a proven solution

Due to presence of moisture in the soil under the concrete slab there are often changes in the settlement of concrete slabs. Soil density is also changed with time. Therefore, due to all these reasons, often you may observe crack, break or sinking effect on the floor.

Such problems can usually be observed in any kind of concrete foundation slabs, parking places, driveways, sidewalks and patios etc. Often you must have noticed in these places deep cracks or pooling water. What most of the property owners do is get these areas rebuild again, which is a very costly option.

Therefore, using polyurethane foam system is a very good option for repairing such damaged concrete floors and brings it back to its original shape in very shortest possible time.

What are the various advantages?

Following are few advantages of using this technique of polyurethane foam:

  • You need to drill only very few holes and therefore it can be done quickly
  • Patchwork is reduced due to smaller sized holes
  • It is much lighter solution (4 lbs/cubic yard) as compared to mud jacking (120 lbs/cubic yard)
  • The turnaround is almost immediate as you can easily walk over it after 15 minutes of installation
  • Material used is environment friendly and it is 100 per cent recycled material
  • No need of costly reconstruction work
  • Minimum labor force is required and it offers a very cost-effective solution
  • No need of any heavy equipment and hence it is not at all disruptive
  • It is possible to do anytime of the year irrespective of the weather
  • Property value is also increased.
  • It can also be used for providing an additional support

When you need to level the concrete foundation slab polyurethane foam may need additional support of helical parts. The reason is that lifting of foam does not correct the problem of soil condition that caused foundation slab movement. Thus, with additional support, you can obtain permanent stability of the structure and eliminate any foundation damage in future.