How To Help Someone Cope From A Disability

Because of a serious accident, your brother now has a disability. He now has issues with his hearing and his vision is no longer as clear as before. Although he can still function at home and meet up with his friends every now and then, there are instances where he feels depressed about his condition. Because of these, you’ve decided that you’ll do your best to help your brother cope with a disability, and you can do just that by:

  1. Learning about the disability: It’s difficult to get yourself into something which you don’t have any idea about, and the same maxim is true if you want to help someone cope with a disability. Before you do anything with your brother’s disability, make sure that you know what he’s going through by taking the time to know about the disability, its complications, and its effects on the sufferer. All of these will allow you to understand why your brother acts and talks in a certain way, and the reasons behind some of his changes.
  1. Always having the time: Regardless of how busy you are with work, you should always have the time whenever your brother calls you for help. People with disabilities have the tendency to feel emotional about their situation and generally just need someone who would listen to all of their frustrations – and you should be that person every time your brother needs one.
  1. Remind them of their appointments: There are therapies and medications required for disabilities to not worsen over time or to lessen the discomfort that the sufferer is feeling due to the disability. But since your brother is still going through the process, he might not remember that he still has to see his doctor or therapist regularly. And in times like these, you should remind him of his appointments and make sure that he understands why he’s doing all of these in the first place. You can use a calendar to mark the date or set a reminder on your brother’s phone.
  1. Patience is key: One day, your brother is overjoyed; on the next day, he’s just sitting in his room while staring into mid air. Situations like these can happen, especially if your brother still has a hard time accepting the facts. Instead of scolding him for being unpredictable, you should be able to show support in everything that he does without telling him how he should feel. The lines of “snap out of it” and “move on” are two things which will not work in this case. You should always be patient with your brother regardless of what he does or says.
  1. Assist them when needed but not too much: Yes, you’re always there to give a helping hand, but you should not overdo it to the point where your brother might feel that he’s pitied. When you want to help your brother to accomplish a task, for example, make sure that you ask permission from him first before doing anything.

If the disability was caused by the negligence of another person or party, you could always have the option to file a lawsuit against them. It may be a good idea for you and your brother to do some further research about disability lawsuits, and perhaps consider finding an attorney in your area.

In Conclusion

It’s typical for a person to feel sad or depressed when they end up disabled, especially if it has been caused by other people. But having a disability should not stop anybody from living. Even if someone is disabled, they can still accomplish a lot of things in the future – and it’s your role to let your brother realize that fact. As long as you follow the tips presented in this article while being patient and consistent, for sure, your brother will feel renewed and optimistic, even in light of his disability.