Here’s Why You Need To Indulge In Bath Salts!

Most of us have come across colorful jars of bath salts at different lifestyle and cosmetic stores. For the uninitiated, bath salts are not same as your common salt. While some of these products may contain sodium chloride, bath salts are best known for having Epsom salts, which contain magnesium sulfate. Bath salts may also contain dead sea salts and minerals, and some products also include sodium bicarbonate, glycerin and extracts from certain organic substances. So, what are the benefits of bath salts?

Below are some quick details worth knowing.

Why use bath salts?

Well, bath salts have been used for centuries, although in recent years, the popularity of these products has increased considerably. Bath salts are ideal for people who don’t have the money or time to go for indulging and pampering spa sessions. All you need is a good product, and you can add a scoopful of the salts into your tub or bucket of water. Bath salts have many benefits, but chief among them is muscle relaxation and stress relief. The dark colored bath salts are ideal for relaxing, while you can for orange and yellow salts that energize the body. These products should be used regularly by people who have sleep issues. Studies have revealed that bath salts may also have some benefits for people who have skin issues, including eczema and psoriasis. Men, who sweat it out regularly in the gym, also use bath salts to reduce stress, muscular tension and cramping in muscles and tissues.

How to buy bath salts?

If you have the choice, go for a product that contains natural ingredients and Epsom salts. You may want to check the fragrance too, because some of the bath salts are too feminine or floral. Baths salts are called ‘salts’ because of the structure of the molecules. Table salt doesn’t contain the same compounds and hence cannot be used as a replacement. Of course, the quality of the bath salt matters in the long run, especially if you are using it to purify and detox the skin. Before buying bath salts, you may want to check the reputation of the brand too.

Check the label to know the right use, although most of the bath salts can be used regularly. Don’t have a bath tub at home? You can still use a scoop of your favorite product in a bucket of warm water for that relaxing bath.