Everything You Need To Know About the Mental Illness Caused by Ants and its Treatment

Researchers have found out that the ants can cause a particular type of stress which can trigger or a worsening of a pre-existing mental illness. Ants are a prime cause which triggers a psychological response in people. There exists a social stigma among them who don’t want to be infested. Particularly, in apartments, where ants disperse from unit to unit, people suffering from this very problem quickly become outcasts. This is referred to as social isolation.

People suffering from ant infestation consequently suffer from stress related to high cost of treatment, their inability to put a stop to the infestation and emotions like hopelessness and depression.

Bed Bugs Mental Illness and Paranoia

 A particular condition where a patient feels insects on the body, even when they none exist, is called as Delusory Parasitosis. It is a common disorder in which a person will go to such an extent to call the Solution pour fourmis charpentière even when there is no need. This particular condition is termed as Ekbom syndrome, abbreviated as ES. It is not uncommon to feel insects crawling on your skin. It is called as delusory when no insects exist.

The primary step in delusory parasitosis is to get rid of the possible ‘real’ causes of the itchy skin condition. This can comprise physiological causes such as allergy, nutrition problem, environmental allergies, contact dermatitis etc. diseases, medications as well as psychological causes.

There are many possible psychological triggers when it comes to skin itch or sensations which includes, self-touching, skin scratching (a type of self-assurance), anxiety, stress, tension, and depression. Being lethargic is also a factor that contributes to skin itch. Feeling lonely is also one of them. Living with someone that scratches can also cause you to scratch, as it is deemed to be a very contagious behavior.

Delusory Parasitosis Treatment

As mentioned above, there are many causes that contribute to the condition that is crucial to eliminate those that are not psychological issues in the first place. This comprises calling in an exterminator, and reviewing the usage of over the counter and prescribed medicines, and herbal treatment.

Once, these are gotten rid of, doctors can use a multitude of medications in order to treat the syndrome. Patients are usually treated in the dermatology department, to sell them that their skin issue is being looked after. Special medicines are prescribed to look after stress and anxiety. When patients start taking those meds, they often stop obsessing over the infestation issues. They continue to believe that the infestation was indeed real but wanting to believe that it has now been addressed.