Do You Know About Invisible Braces That Can Bring Back Your Natural Smile?

You cannot smile confidently if your mouth is full of wire, brackets, and braces. However, self esteem and physical confidence can come easily with invisible braces. It is a much better alternative to conventional wire and bracket braces.

Following are few basic questions that can crop up in your mind regarding invisible braces. Let’s understand them better and clear any doubts.

  • When do I really need braces?

If your teeth are overcrowded, crooked, incorrect positioning of your jaw, overbites and under bites then your dentist may suggest you to go for orthodontic treatment. It helps to improve your teeth appearance. It is always much easier to brush or floss if your teeth are straight. This will help you take care of your teeth easily and there will be little chances of developing any plaque or teeth decay.

  • What is invisible alignment?

In modern orthodontic treatment, dentist use invisible alignment process to straighten your teeth. This alignment is done with the help of medically approved trays of thermoplastic, which are made especially to fit in your teeth. Since, the aligners are clear people will never get an idea that you are wearing braces, even if you converse with them face to face. These aligners can also be removed, when you want to brush or floss. Thus you can keep your teeth and gum healthy.

  • How long this straightening process will take?

After your orthodontist has decided that invisalign is the right solution for you then the whole process may take anything between six to eighteen months. During the course of treatment you need to visit the orthodontist’s clinic after every 6 to 8 weeks, so as to get new aligner fit in your mouth.

  • Will it hurt the patient?

There may be little amount of discomfort during initial stages and there is a possibility that the uneasiness can get repeated with the fixture of a new aligner in the next session. Slight discomfort is the indication that your teeth are properly moving towards getting straight. There are few lucky patients who do not experience any kind of awkwardness at all. The micro pulses that are given have eight times less force than tooth brush force and hence it is unlikely to suffer from any pain.

Nowadays, lots of new techniques have been developed in the dental arena. It enables orthodontist to give patient much faster treatment with extreme comfort.