Camping In South Australia For First Timers

When it comes to scenic and exciting camping destinations, there aren’t many places more legendary than southern Australia. Here you will find many miles of golden coastline, lush rainforests sweeping for miles, and dozens of laid back coastal towns. If there was ever a more perfect summer camping destination, then it hasn’t been found as of yet. This golden expanse has drawn many thousands of backpackers, campervan travelers, and other adventurers over the decades, and all it will take is one look around to figure out why. If you’ve been wondering about taking a campervan hire australia journey, then hesitate no longer. If you have made the exciting choice to take up this journey, then check out these tips for first timers.

Drive The Coast

They don’t call this the Golden Coast for nothing. The coastline features epic water views stretching for miles, winding roads with the ocean on one side and lush forests on the other, and many laid back beach villages and surfer hamlets. This is one of the most pleasurable and aesthetically pleasing stretches to be found anywhere in the world, easily rivaling the Californian coast and the French Riviera. No matter what your plans are for your journey, you should absolutely plan a drive along the coast. No southern Australian journey would be complete without this experience.

Hit the Water

With all the water surrounding you at all times on the southern coast, it will be tough to keep out of the waves. No matter if you’re planning on a nice beach day, hitting the waves for some surfing, or doing some paddle boarding, it is highly advisable that you get out in the water or at least experience the beach on your journey. These are some of the top beaches in the world, including many world famous surfing spots and secluded stretches of undeveloped coast. You should look for a campervan camp that is close to a beach so that you can experience the stunning sunsets and enjoy the warm coastal waters.

Hike, Hike, Hike

If you’re into hiking, then you will be in heaven here. Those miles of coastline are absolutely perfect for setting off on foot for satisfying hikes through beautiful terrain and stunning water views. There are also a large number of lush rainforests and even some mountainous regions in the south, so you can have some diversity in your hiking pleasures. Many travellers set out on campervan hire australia journeys with the express purpose of hitting as many trails as possible, so you can go this route if you happen to be a hiking enthusiast.

Explore The Villages

 There are dozens of surfer hamlets and towns along the coast, each offering a unique and laid back atmosphere. These are well worth exploring and will give you a nice little break from the road. Great seafood is available, as well as waterfront bars, entertainment, and funky boutiques. The locals are used to travellers, so you will always feel welcomed and right at home in this laid back atmosphere. An interesting mixture of surfers, fishermen, artists, and local workers make up the majority of the population, and the area is known as one of the most unique and bohemian beach scenes in the world. For this purpose, you should definitely check out as many coastal towns as possible on your journey.

Take Advantage Of Free Camping

There are many opportunities for free camping along the southern coast. Before setting off your should do your research and find the free camping areas that will be along your route. In southern Australia, there aren’t many places that aren’t beautiful, so chances are these camps will be in a great area, many of them right by the beaches or desirable towns along the coast. It is possible to do an entire journey utilizing free camping spots, and many travellers have been known to do just that on their journeys. Make sure to check out travelling message boards and other online resources to find out the details for the areas you will be travelling in. By going with free camping spots you can majorly save on your budget, using that money for adventuring, food, and other important needs.

One of the most legendary routes in the world, the Golden Coast of southern Australia has been attracting adventurers from all over the world for many decades. With its diversity of land, its long stretches of golden coast, and its friendly beach towns along the way, many see this route as a true paradise. With its abundance of activities, stunning sights, and aesthetically pleasing scenery, it isn’t hard to see why. If you’re looking for a sunny adventure in a beautiful, lush environment, then you simply can’t go wrong with a campervan hire australia journey.