Best Portable Vaporizer For Weed Experts

Not everybody is as easily satisfied with cannabis vaporizers as the next person. Some people are more than pleased puffing mindlessly away at a little vape pen with a concentrate solution in a cartridge. No worries, no thought. There’s an abundance of easy to use, medical grade products for all those people out there who just can’t be expected to learn how to use a bulky device, or learn their favorite strains and favorite ways to enjoy those strains. This article is going to tell you about what I consider to the be the best portable vaporizer for weed experts. Personal preferences play a huge role in this so of course there are other options out there that might do particular things extra well, like maybe you love conduction heating for example and a DaVinci Iq would be right for you. Since we’re only looking at portable vaporizers for weed aficionados, we have to exclude classics like The Volcano.

Firefly 2

This vape is just from the future, I swear it. It’s hardly larger than a smartphone and looks no bigger than a small, portable hard drive. It has a great and unique design which doesn’t advertise the fact that this thing is for vaping cannabis primarily. It can also easily vaporize concentrates with the use of special pads that come with it. Using the latest convection heating technology, the Firefly 2 takes literally just five seconds to warm up.

Maybe ten, if you have it set to the highest temperature. You can control the temperature in increments of one single degree through a user friendly smartphone app, among other things like “temperature profiles” which adjust temperatures automatically at certain times throughout your session. The device also conserves battery by turning off automatically when not in use, and turning back on when touch sensors are activated. The glass heating chamber and vapor path also make sure that flavor is delivered intact, and the advanced convection technology makes sure you’re vaping the tastiest clouds with the Firefly 2.