Aspheric Lenses Will Make Your Glasses Less Noticeable

For eyeglasses, thin is in. Our frames are getting smaller to the point that some eyeglasses don’t even have frames anymore, the lenses are held up by the end pieces only on the sides. In most cases, the lenses themselves are made of a special plastic and not glass.

But it doesn’t end there. The race to make the thinnest possible glasses involves more minimal frames, but also new and improved lens types and geometric cuts. Whether you have a light prescription or a strong one, you could go through these steps and enjoy thinner and lighter feeling glasses. We especially recommend this for those people that have strong prescriptions as the benefits are significantly more noticeable.

High Index Lenses

 One of the hirst things you can do to improve your day to day experience wearing eyeglasses is to get high index lenses, these lenses are made of a more pure plastic material than traditional plastic lenses and can refract (bend) light more effectively using less material.

Aspheric Lenses

The engineering system behind our eyeglass lenses is now way more advanced than it used to be even just a decade ago. We now have more flexibility in how lenses are made because of systems that allow us to cut the lenses in precisely measured mathematical shapes that are also round, but with flatter curves than traditional lenses.

Here’s how conventional lenses work: they have a spherical front surface, meaning that it’s the same curve all the way across like on a ball. On the other hand, aspheric lenses have a curve that gradually changes in intensity as you move across the lens. Below is an image that will help you understand it visually.

Eliminating The Bug Eye Effect

Another benefit of aspheric and high index lenses is that they each diminish the undesirable “bug eye” effect of traditional lenses. If you have a high prescription, you’ll know what we’re talking about. The bug eye effect isn’t really noticeable for weaker prescriptions. Together a high index material and aspheric lens will be very thin and light for the wearer when compared to the antiquated alternatives.