10 Essay Tips Which Will Help You Raise Your Scores

Although essay writing in SAT 2018 has been declared as optional, yet it is considered by several institutions of the United States. However, attempting the essay can prove to be very challenging if not thoroughly accustomed to the format. To hit the perfect score of 8/8/8, one needs to religiously practice the section on a daily basis. In this section, we hereby unfold 10 crazy success tips which would bag you a 6/6/6 at least and would also help you snatch the perfect score.

  • ‌Approach With A ‘Precise Central Claim

As per the instruction of SAT essay, the written section should have a ‘precise central claim’. This implies that the essay is expected to have a justified argument to the main subject of the given passage. To facilitate the students, SAT makes the ‘central claim’ readily available and does not spin a riddle around it. The writers are required to express their views with a clear motive justifying the statement.

  • ‌Strong Introduction And Conclusion

Essay writing in SAT requires a distinct section for introduction and conclusion, written in a manner that clearly portrays the thesis of the given passage. A strong introduction with all the necessary points can alone bag a decent 4/8 here. However, it requires clear mention of the ‘precise central claim’ in reference.

  • ‌Precise Language And Grammar

Essay writing is meant to judge the skills of the student in English. Hence, the primary thing that will always be judged is proper grammar and use of impressive vocabulary. However, word-stuffing and overuse of ornamenting words should be avoided. Additional care should be taken while avoiding the use of ‘First Person’, informality and repetitive words.

  • ‌Refer To The Passage

All the required information is provided in the passage itself, which directly implies that the writer should deter from the unnecessary inclusion of irrelevant details from his/her personal knowledge. However, this does not mean picking up each and every detail from the passage irrespective of its importance.

  • ‌Build Up The Objectivity 

The student writing essay in SAT exam is expected to be objective towards the given passage and not stuff his/her personal views in contrast to the required argument. For this, students are advised to regularly read newspapers and inculcate the habit of argumenting upstream to their own judgment. Basically, one needs to supremely justify the idea of the passage and not one’s own view.

  • ‌Answer The Prompt

A good essay in SAT should just not be a summarized version of the given passage, but should directly justify its importance and motive with clear arguments in the most persuasive manner. The essay should also be able to easily reach the readers and clearly explain the central idea of the given passage.

  • ‌Use Evidence

While writing the essay, proper quotations should be directly used from the passage which should put forward the point right away. To improve the accuracy of the statements made, pick up the evidence and explain the motive in the most impressive way possible.

  • ‌Be Organized

Abiding by the basic format of SAT, the essay should be divided into Introduction, evidence body 1, 2(optional), 3 and conclusion. Such a division into 4-5 separate paragraphs surfaces the direct idea and assists the graders to mark in an impressive manner.

  • ‌Approach Strategically

The entire 50minutes should be wisely divided for reading the passage, analyzing the requirement, strategic framing, writing the essay and revising, each of which is mandatory for scaling a perfect 8/8/8.

  • ‌Practice

The way to perfection is practice. Be wise enough to schedule the time accordingly and regularly take every practice test like a real-time SAT examination to be able to master the perfect score within the given time.


Where experts would always help with hacks and tricks to excel in SAT, it still depends invariably on the student’s practice and understanding. Be dedicated enough to abide by the rules to hit the bulls-eye in the main examination.