Host to English Grammar in English Language Teaching

The grammar is the actual process of the language. It’s the foundational stone to obtain the grip of the language and master it.

So, a seem understanding and clearness in comprehending English grammar is required for each English language teacher. Much like the actual process have to be employed for the graceful functioning of the engine, similarly seem understanding of English grammar is essential.

An English teacher could inspire confidence inside a classroom scenario when she’s comprehended the English grammar. She can re-structure and put it on under different tenses without altering this is from the sentences or make use of the sentences differently to focus on the various meaning implied.

It is just with the knowledge of grammar one involves know using ‘will’ and ‘shall’ and tenses and it is usage what are fine points of grammar that consequently reflect the word what proficiency of the teacher.

Once the teacher is thorough in her own grammatical skills, she could make sure the students grasp it too.

e.g.1) The boy sits around the elephant.

Seeing e.g. 1 and a pair of, just once the word order is altered, it might be a tragic event for that boy by 50 percent once the elephant sits around the boy.

Another example is: Have you sleep good(adjective) today?

This can be a generally used wrong sentence. Actually it ought to be as:

Have you get enough rest (adverb) today?

As highlighted above, we are able to infer that similar to the driver could drive a vehicle not understanding the way a vehicle works yet realizing it well is needed him a great deal. Therefore, you have to comprehend the mechanics of English grammar.

Furthermore, whenever a student asks to explain a particular reason for grammar, a great English teacher might not be dumbstruck or do not need to sway from the subject but explain practically the guidelines of English grammar with accurate and more information.

Whether an English teacher is really a native speaker or non-native speaker, he or she must possess a correct understanding of English grammar. A local speaker though can speak English fluently and properly, still she might not understand how the word what works. Whereas, the non-native speaker, an instructor might subconsciously make use of the grammatical rules of her first language which can be ungrammatical and have ambiguous meaning. Either in cases whether we’re a local teacher or non-native English teacher, understanding of grammar doesn’t enable to explain or educate the guidelines of grammar to some language learner.

Therefore, we have to be aware of rules of grammar consciously.

Besides, teachers of English to loudspeakers of other language ought to know grammar because it is taking care of of learning which instruction may have a lasting effect. Like a teacher the largest a positive change within our students’ capability to speak and write grammatical English even if they’re no more age where they select the English language naturally. By providing the best grammatical instructions via additional support we are able to help students improve their grammatical precision.

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